SR 93 (I-75) at the intersection of SR70

The scope of the project includes the following construction works:
• Widening of 6.5 miles (11 km) of the existing I-75 road from the current three lanes in each direction to 4 lanes in each roadway.
• Modification of the junction of the I75 with the SR70 road, substituting one of the two clover ramps for a diamond ramp.
• Construction of two new structures for the I-75 over the SR70 and demolition of the existing ones.
• Modification of the lane distribution on the SR70 in a 1.1 mile section (1.8 km) to adapt it to the new configuration of the junction with the I-75.


  • Name: SR 93 (I-75) at the intersection of SR70
  • Construction company: Sacyr Construcción SA 
  • Client: FDOT -1
  • Execution dates: October 2018 - May 2021


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