Sacyr Foundation

The Sacyr Foundation is the main channel through which Sacyr implements its strategy of corporate social responsibility. The Foundation carries out a wide range of initiatives in the area of society and the environment, including: promoting innovation, social action, the visibility and normalisation of disadvantaged groups, protection of endangered zones and species, restoration of environments, etc.

Some examples of this are the agreements to fight against the risk of social exclusion in collaboration with Action Aid, Aldeas Infantiles, the Juan XXIII Roncalli Foundation, the Aladina Foundation and Down Madrid; and the agreements for the protection of biodiversity with associations such as Reforesta.

The Foundation also supports the volunteering activities of the Group's employees by helping them develop greater awareness and involvement with the world around them, increasing their personal motivation and creating a link with the company that goes beyond work and its monetary rewards.

In recent years we have organised projects in which our volunteers have carried out tasks with a significant impact on disadvantaged local communities, such as The Water Van Project, with which we enabled a population with very few resources in Colombia to have access to drinking water with the collaboration of Action Aid.

New national and international initiatives are proposed each year, so everyone who feels the need to collaborate personally in social change can do so thanks to the Sacyr Foundation.