Quillota Petorca Biprovincial Hospital

The new Quillota Petorca Biprovincial Hospital has been designed as a modern, functionally flexible and energy efficient building in which the guiding principle underlying each decision in its design was user satisfaction.
In conceptual terms, the proposal basically comprises two main elements: A three-storey basement and a 33-storey hospitalisation tower.
The proposal amalgamated some existing satellite facilities by incorporating them into the main structure. This regularised the geometry and ordered the design in terms of its form, while also leading to optimisation and savings by maintaining these small “satellite” units.
The main north-facing façade sets up a dialogue with the urban setting, while the south-facing façades are conceived as a second main façade, which, as it can be seen from the motorway, is the most important viewpoint in terms of the hospital's image.

  • Name: Quillota Petorca Biprovincial Hospital
  • Construction company: Sacyr Chile S.A.
  • Client: Viña del Mar Quillota MINSAL Health Service
  • Execution dates:  January 2017 - May 2020


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