Port Berth

The works comprised the following:

- Execution of a 400 m long protection jetty.
- Execution of a dock with an elevation of 185 m - 8m ZH, executed in concrete blocks (10 blocks, 9.5 m high with an area of 20x12 m).
-  Execution of a Ro-Ro ramp with a 20m opening. The dock and the ramp include execution of the concrete superstructure in the +4 dimension and the placement of bollards and defences.
- E- Execution of an embankment and margins protection with an area of 35,000m².
- Initially, provisional work was carried out for a 100 m jetty with two docking stations, using reinforced concrete blocks of the same dimensions as those of the permanent dock. This work was included in the final embankment.

  • Name: Port Berth
  • Construction Company: Sacyr - Sacyr Somague
  • Client: Minera Panamá
  • Execution dates: August 2012 - February 2016


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