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  • Sacyr creates a sustainability and Corporate Governance committee to pledge its commitment to a more sustainable future

    Sacyr creates a sustainability and Corporate Governance committee to pledge its commitment to a more sustainable future

    Sacyr has been strengthening its corporate governance bodies as a further show of its commitment to a more sustainable future.  More precisely, it has set up a Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee, attached to the Board of Directors, and a Sustainability Committee. 

    With these new committees, Sacyr is aiming to make further progress in sustainability and in collaborating with all its stakeholders in the fight against climate change as well as in fostering diversity and a proper work-life balance, safeguarding health and safety and promoting the positive social impact of its activities. 



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  • Sacyr increases its concessionary profile and raises its EBITDA to €680 million (+25%)

    Sacyr increases its concessionary profile and raises its EBITDA to €680 million (+25%)

    Sacyr achieved an EBITDA of €680 million in 2019, up by 25% compared with the previous financial year. Revenue grew by 10% over the year, to €4.17 billion.

    The net profit generated by the businesses was €120 million (+48%), but the group’s share of net income was -€298 million, due to the impact of -€354 million caused by the holding in Repsol. This is exclusively an accounting impact, which does not affect the company’s cash flow, the operation of the businesses, the dividend or the group’s strategy. The active management of derivatives that protect the participation in Repsol has allowed monetizing more than 70 million euros of cash for the group.

    In 2019, Sacyr made progress in the achievement of all its objectives. Sacyr placed the focus on the concessionary businesses, and this is reflected in its income statement: 80% of EBITDA, amounting to €538 million, came from concessionary activities in the past year.

    In addition, the growth of the main indicators was accompanied in 2019 by an improvement in the profitability of the businesses, which is another of Sacyr’s key objectives. The EBITDA margin increased by two percentage points over the year, reaching 16.3%.


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  • Sacyr raises it game supporting spanish handball, becoming title sponsor of the Sacyr ASOBAL League

    Sacyr raises it game supporting spanish handball, becoming title sponsor of the Sacyr ASOBAL League

    The deal is initially for the second round of the 2019-20 season beginning tomorrow, February 5, and the next season from 2020 to 2021.    

    The agreement includes using Sacyr’s name for all the competitions organized by ASOBAL: Liga, Copa, Supercopa and Minicopa. The new image will be used for all the brand’s marketing and media, and will also feature in the broadcasts of matches on the TV channel, GOL.  
    The partnership’s aim is to extend the reach of the Spanish league and this sport, which has around 100,000 registered players and is a key part of society in many cities around the country. 
    Greater commitment 
    For Sacyr, being title sponsor for the league is an opportunity for its to strengthen its commitment to a sport that it has been linked with since 2015. In recent years, the multinational sponsored the Spanish Royal Handball Federation.  
    Over the same period, the Spanish international women’s team, known as “las Guerreras”, achieved great success including placing second in the World Championship. Meanwhile, the men’s team, “los Hispanos”, claimed the European title on January 26, which it also won in 2018.    
    A top competition in Europe 
    ASOBAL was established in 1984 by 13 clubs and the first ASOBAL League was held in 1990-91. Some 16 clubs now compete in a championship that runs over a total of 30 days. 
    Wednesday February 5 sees the start of the second round of the 2019-20 season with a match between Bidasoa Irun and ABANCA Ademar León, one of the most attractive of the competition as the teams in second and third place in the league clash.  
    All Sacyr ASOBAL League matches are broadcast through the LaLigaSportsTV app and one is shown each week on the freeview channel, GOL. In total, 56 league matches, a Supercup and three ASOBAL Cups were broadcast in the first round.  
    During the second round of the league, handball fans will be treated to watching five European champions who played for Spain: Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas, Raúl Entrerríos, Aitor Ariño, Aleix Gómez (all playing for Barça) and Adrià Figueras (Fraikin BM. Granollers).  
    The Sacyr ASOBAL League is one of the top competitions in the world. It includes Barça: the team that has won most Champions ever with nine cups in its trophy cabinet. There are also two teams competing in the EHF Champions League: Barça and Bidasoa; and three in the EHF Cup: ABANCA Ademar León, BM. Logroño La Rioja and Liberbank Cuenca.  
    About Sacyr 

    Sacyr is an infrastructure, services and industrial project multinational. It has completed sustainable and profitable projects across five continents for more than 30 years. Sacyr employs more than 40,000 workers capable of transforming challenges into opportunities, committed to a future that seeks to improve our cities, our environment and our daily lives

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  • Sacyr, new patron member for the Fundación para la Diversidad

    Sacyr, new patron member for the Fundación para la Diversidad


    • The multinational infrastructure and services company is committed to promoting the Diversity Charter and developing sustainability programs and projecting good practices.
    • Diversity is a strategic value for Sacyr, generating an inclusive work environment and encouraging the best talent

    Sacyr has joined the Fundación para la Diversidad [Diversity Foundation] as a patron member, taking another step forward in the commitment it undertook in signing the Diversity Charter in November 2018. 

    This agreement is part of Sacyr’s strategy to promote and make talent and diversity visible. Both are strategic values for Sacyr, as they contribute to generating an inclusive work environment, where diversity is the tool for attracting the best talent to the company. 

    With this commitment, Sacyr undertakes to ensure the widest possible dissemination of the Charter internally and externally (customers, suppliers and other stakeholders), to develop programs that contribute to social and business sustainability in Spain and to set an example and project good practices in the areas of diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination towards all groups. 

  • Sacyr begins work on line 2 of the Sao Paulo in Brazil

    Sacyr begins work on line 2 of  the Sao Paulo in Brazil

    Sacyr Infrastructures and Engineering has begun construction work on lot 1 of line 2, also known as the green line, between Vila Prudente and Dutra. The 7.3 km.-long section is being built for the company Metropolitano de Sâo Paulo, Brazil.

    The work has begun following the signing of the service order by the Sâo Paulo Governor, Joâo Doria, and the Secretary of Metropolitan Transport, Alexandre Baldy.

    The consortium, consisting of Sacyr Infrastructures and Engineering, Galvâo Engenharia and SA Paulista, will carry out the project with a budget of 443.2 million euros (1.9 billion Brazilian reals) and a construction period of 69 months.

    The works will benefit the more than 300,000 daily users of the Sâo Paulo metro.

    Tunnels, ventilation shafts and the Vila Formosa station

    The contract includes the construction of a double-track tunnel of 7.8 km in length and 11.69 m in diameter with an EPB tunnel boring machine; a set of tunnels of 1.8 km in length for parking trains to be executed using the Austrian method; the Vila Formosa station and the bus terminal and the Rapadura complex with a base for train maintenance and parking; five ventilation shafts with diameters between 12 and 15 meters and the ballastless track superstructure.
    Other projects in Brazil

    In the Sâo Paulo metro, Sacyr has already successfully executed other contracts such as the stations of Vila Prudente, Estación Vila Uniao, Vila Tolstoy, Camilo Haddad and Sao Lucas.

    At present, it is building the new Jardin Colonial station of the 15 line- Plata, of the Sâo Paulo Metro. And in Fortaleza, it is working on the city’s East metro line.

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  • Sacyr joins the Business Network of the Generation & Talent Observatory and signs the Code of Principles of Generational Diversity

    Sacyr joins the Business Network of the Generation & Talent Observatory and signs the Code of Principles of Generational Diversity

     Today Sacyr signed an agreement with the Generation & Talent Observatory to become part of its Business Network, a working body that aims to generate a network of knowledge and good practices to help companies foster the implementation of active policies for generational diversity.  

    In addition, Sacyr has signed the Code of Principles of Generational Diversity promoted by the Generation & Talent Observatory. By joining, the company recognizes the favorable development of people management based on equal opportunities completely irrespective of age, non-discrimination and respect for generational diversity. 56 companies and entities have now adhered to this Code. 

    The agreement was signed by Elena Cascante, president of the 50plus Think Tank Association and managing partner of the Generation & Talent Observatory, and Ángeles Alcázar, managing partner. Representing Sacyr were Miguel Heras, Corporate General Manager; Pedro Alonso, Communication General Manager;  María Teresa Manjón, Head of Labor Relations, and Maria Notario, Responsible for Diversity. 

    Miguel Heras, Sacyr Corporate General Manager, explained that the multinational joins this network of companies as part of its “commitment to talent and diversity.” “These are core values for our company and through them we create an inclusive work environment, where diversity is the driving force to achieve the best talent for Sacyr,” he said. 

    Currently, the Observatory's Business Network is working on an analysis of intergenerational health and well-being. Previously, it analyzed the talent of different generations and in a subsequent work cycle, intergenerational leadership. Both works have culminated in two scientifically rigorous studies: "Diagnosis of Generational Diversity,” carried out in collaboration with the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, and “Intergenerational Leadership,” with the European University. 

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  • Sacyr obtains EFR certification in work-life balance

    Sacyr obtains EFR certification in work-life balance

    The Másfamilia Foundation has awarded Sacyr the EFR certification in work-life balance, which recognizes it as a Family-Friendly Company. The certification constitutes an endorsement of the company's work in promoting policies and measures that foster well-being and balance between work, family and personal life of its employees. This certification is supported by the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare and is recognized as Good Practices by the United Nations. 

    At an event held in Madrid, Manuel Manrique, the chairman of Sacyr, received the certificate from Antonio Trueba, the president of Másfamilia. 

    Receiving the EFR certificate validates Sacyr’s commitment to the implementation and management of policies and measures in favor of work-life balance as a priority in its business strategy.  
    External audit 

    To obtain the certificate, the company passed an external audit in which an analysis was made of all the measures being implemented in the company in relation to quality in employment, equal opportunities, spatial-temporal flexibility, personal and professional development and family support.    “We are very proud to receive the EFR certificate, which demonstrates our commitment to the professionals who are part of the company. The talent of our staff is the future of the group. Therefore, it is a priority for us to commit to measures that enable our staff to work in an environment that supports a balance between family and work life,” said Manuel Manrique.  

    For his part, the president of the Másfamilia Foundation noted that “Sacyr meets the highest, most rigorous standards in its commitment to people as per the EFR certificate. Furthermore, it is a long-term commitment as form of continuous improvement”.  
    More than 90 measures 

    Sacyr's EFR project has implemented more than 90 work-life balance measures in order to strengthen and meet the present and future needs of the people who make up the company.  

    Among the measures now in place, Sacyr employees give high ratings to projects such as flexitime, the implementation of the Sports Club, which encourages participation in sports, and the company’s Equality Plan.  

    In addition, Sacyr has a digital training platform, My Virtual Point, which allows the group's employees to access online training from any location at any time. 

    The EFR certificate, awarded by Másfamilia Foundation, is a unique management tool in the world that provides a simple and effective methodology to enable work-life balance processes in companies. Likewise, it also fosters support for equal opportunities and inclusion, based on current and binding legislation and collective bargaining, such that EFR companies carry out voluntary self-regulation in this area. More than 750 companies have been certified in more than 20 countries.  

    The Másfamilia Foundation was founded in 2003 as a private, independent, not-forprofit and charitable organization that was created and designed to provide innovative and highly professional solutions, a framework of which the EFT certificate is part, for the protection and support of families.  

    Sacyr is a multinational of infrastructures, services and industrial projects, and has represented a sustainable and profitable project for more than 30 years, with a presence on five continents. More than 40,000 workers capable of transforming challenges into opportunities, committed to a future that seeks to improve our cities, our environment and our daily lives. 


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  • Sacyr wins a new construction contract in Texas (USA) for 128 million euros

    Sacyr wins a new construction contract in Texas (USA) for 128 million euros

    Sacyr Ingeniería e Infraestructuras has won a new contract in the State of Texas (USA) to build an 8.2 mile (13.2 km) bypass of the US59 road, in the town of Diboll. The contract amounts to 142 million dollars (128 million euros), and the client is the Texas Department of Transport (TxDOT).  

    The new bypass includes the construction of a dual carriageway with two lanes in each direction, plus 28 structures to cross the intersections with other local roads and different watercourses.  

    Last year, Sacyr was awarded a contract for the reconstruction and expansion of the IH35E interstate highway in Texas, with a budget amounting to 117 million dollars (102 million euros).  
    Projects in the USA 

    Sacyr's construction division moved into the United States in 2018 with several road construction contracts in Florida. The company currently manages two projects in Texas and five in Florida, with a total backlog of $640 million (575 million euros).  

    Entry into and expansion in the USA is one of the objectives of Sacyr as part of its 20152020 Strategic Plan.  

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