Murcia Almería high-speed train line, Los Gallardos-Sorbas

The project consisted of executing a new high-speed rail platform with a length of 8,183 m. The layout is planned for mixed long-distance and local passengers with a maximum speed of travel of 250 km/h.The two-track platform has a width of 14 m, and runs through areas of line clearance and embankments and over viaducts of different lengths. The entire section is located in the province of Almería, and on its 8.18 km it traverses the municipalities of Los Gallardos, Bédar and Sorbas.
Construction of seven viaducts: Viaduct over the Jauto River (120 m), viaducts over the La Gloria Ravine (381 m) and the Almocalzar Ravine (584 m), viaducts over the Hondo Gorge (126 m) and the Los Giles Gorge (360 m) and two parallel viaducts over the Aguas River (120 m). Execution of six overpasses and two underpasses.

  • Name: Murcia Almería high-speed train line, Los Gallardos-Sorbas
  • Construction company: Sacyr
  • Client: Adif
  • Execution dates:  August 2009 - June 2012


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