Extension of the Barcelona Science Museum

Building with an area of 50,000 m², with clearances of up to 25 m.

Museum spaces: Access pool, hall (0 access zone to the building), tree of life (a large glass and metal structure), plaza roof, planetarium, skylight, auditorium, exhibition room and the Flooded Forest.

The new facilities can be accessed from the entrance hall by means of helicoidal ramp with a height of 20 m. There are also escalators and lifts. The 6,300 3 m exhibition room has a maximum height of 13 m and a minimum of 6 m. These volumes allow the design of a very wide range of museographic projects.

  • Name:  Extension of the Barcelona Science Museum
  • Construction company: Sacyr
  • Client: SUMASA
  • Execution dates: February 1999 - September 2004


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