Environmental value

Sacyr Ingeniería e Infraestructuras is strongly committed to the environment, as demonstrated in all its activities and corroborated by environmental certifications such as ISO 14001 and EMAS.

One of the objectives of Sacyr Ingeniería e Infraestructuras is compliance with environmental regulations, so as part of its environmental management system it schedules and conducts the legally required environmental audits through recognised external auditors.

The employees of Sacyr Ingeniería e Infraestructuras all share an important feeling of respect for and conservation of the environment, and whenever possible they take part in the volunteering actions promoted by the Group to safeguard the environment. These initiatives have included cleaning the Guadalix River and planting trees in the mountains near Madrid, which took place in 2018 thanks to the Reforesta association.

Our suppliers are also an important part of the environmental strategy of Sacyr Ingeniería e Infraestructuras, which works to extend its commitment to all the partners with whom it carries out its projects, so that their combined efforts to protect the environment are transformed into integral and effective policies.