Enlargement of the LNG terminal (Sines)

Project tasks include construction of: an LNG tank for the storage system with a nominal capacity of 150,000 m3, a low pressure LNG pumping system (installation of 4 low pressure LNG pumps in the new tank), installation of a new recondenser, a high pressure LNG pumping system (installation of two new high-pressure pumps and a new suction manifold from the new recondenser) and a system for collecting and pumping seawater (construction of a new tank for water intake, with capacity of 20,000 m3).

  • Name: Expansion of the LNG Terminal (Sines)
  • Construction Company: Sacyr Somague
  • Client: REN - Redes energéticas Nacionais
  • Execution dates: 2009 - 2012


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