Americo Vespucio Oriente

The AVO project is part of a dynamic programme for the improvement of the urban transport system in the city of Santiago, and which has been divided into two sectors:
- Sector 1: Avenida El Salto – Puente Centenario between DM 0.000 and 3.368, whose main action is the execution of two separate platforms for each direction of traffic, each formed of three lanes.
- Sector 2: Puente Centenario -Avenida Príncipe de Gales between DM 3.368 and 8.278, in which both traffic directions will run inside an underground structure with two traffic levels, each with three lanes.

  • Name: Americo Vespucio Oriente
  • Construction company: Sacyr Chile S.A.
  • Client: Sociedad Vespucio Oriente S.A.
  • Execution dates: September 2015 - April 2022


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