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angle-left Sacyr to participate in the remodeling of a major hospital complex in Milan
  • Sacyr to participate in the remodeling of a major hospital complex in Milan


    A joint venture led by SIS (Fininc, 51%; Sacyr, 49%) has been awarded the contract for the remodeling of a large health complex in the center of Milan (Italy), the “Policlinico Mangiagalli e Regina Elena” Hospital. The budget for the project amounts to 155.4 million euros and the duration is for three years.   
    Sacyr Engineering and Infrastructures, Sacyr's construction division, and its partners will construct a central building consisting of 700 hospital beds, 21 operating rooms and 45 consultation rooms. The surface area of this new installation will total 65,000 m2. 
    The joint venture is owned by SIS (60.8%); Arco (21.9%); Innova (9.4%) and Palaser (7.9%). 
    New underground connections 
    This project envisages the integration of the scientific and health buildings of the Polyclinic by means of a new system of underground connections to enable the staff to circulate and equipment and material to be transported In addition, new protected routes will be created on the surface, together with an underground parking lot.  
    In total, the project covers a surface area of 92,000 square meters for the new building, the adjoining retail area and the parking lot.  
    This project strengthens Sacyr’s presence in Italy, where in addition, through the SIS consortium, it is currently constructing its largest concessional project: the Pedemontana-Veneto highway. 

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