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angle-left Sacyr obtains EFR certification in work-life balance
  • Sacyr obtains EFR certification in work-life balance


    The Másfamilia Foundation has awarded Sacyr the EFR certification in work-life balance, which recognizes it as a Family-Friendly Company. The certification constitutes an endorsement of the company's work in promoting policies and measures that foster well-being and balance between work, family and personal life of its employees. This certification is supported by the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare and is recognized as Good Practices by the United Nations. 

    At an event held in Madrid, Manuel Manrique, the chairman of Sacyr, received the certificate from Antonio Trueba, the president of Másfamilia. 

    Receiving the EFR certificate validates Sacyr’s commitment to the implementation and management of policies and measures in favor of work-life balance as a priority in its business strategy.  
    External audit 

    To obtain the certificate, the company passed an external audit in which an analysis was made of all the measures being implemented in the company in relation to quality in employment, equal opportunities, spatial-temporal flexibility, personal and professional development and family support.    “We are very proud to receive the EFR certificate, which demonstrates our commitment to the professionals who are part of the company. The talent of our staff is the future of the group. Therefore, it is a priority for us to commit to measures that enable our staff to work in an environment that supports a balance between family and work life,” said Manuel Manrique.  

    For his part, the president of the Másfamilia Foundation noted that “Sacyr meets the highest, most rigorous standards in its commitment to people as per the EFR certificate. Furthermore, it is a long-term commitment as form of continuous improvement”.  
    More than 90 measures 

    Sacyr's EFR project has implemented more than 90 work-life balance measures in order to strengthen and meet the present and future needs of the people who make up the company.  

    Among the measures now in place, Sacyr employees give high ratings to projects such as flexitime, the implementation of the Sports Club, which encourages participation in sports, and the company’s Equality Plan.  

    In addition, Sacyr has a digital training platform, My Virtual Point, which allows the group's employees to access online training from any location at any time. 

    The EFR certificate, awarded by Másfamilia Foundation, is a unique management tool in the world that provides a simple and effective methodology to enable work-life balance processes in companies. Likewise, it also fosters support for equal opportunities and inclusion, based on current and binding legislation and collective bargaining, such that EFR companies carry out voluntary self-regulation in this area. More than 750 companies have been certified in more than 20 countries.  

    The Másfamilia Foundation was founded in 2003 as a private, independent, not-forprofit and charitable organization that was created and designed to provide innovative and highly professional solutions, a framework of which the EFT certificate is part, for the protection and support of families.  

    Sacyr is a multinational of infrastructures, services and industrial projects, and has represented a sustainable and profitable project for more than 30 years, with a presence on five continents. More than 40,000 workers capable of transforming challenges into opportunities, committed to a future that seeks to improve our cities, our environment and our daily lives. 

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