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angle-left Record participation in Sacyr iChallenges 2020 with 270 proposals
  • Record participation in Sacyr iChallenges 2020 with 270 proposals


    The third edition of the Sacyr iChallenges program has been well received, closing the submission phase with a total of 270 proposals, 40% more than the 192 received in the last edition.

    In total, Sacyr iChallenges received proposals from 39 countries, including Spain with 73 new submissions, the United States with 30, and the United Kingdom with 20. Moreover, in Latin America, where Sacyr has a large presence, the company received 26 proposals from Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Mexico.

    Sacyr iChallenges is one of the pillars of Sacyr’s digital transformation and innovation strategy, based on a commitment to teamwork and joint creation with innovators on a global scale.

    With this open innovation program, Sacyr is looking for partners with whom to promote sustainable solutions that improve the quality of citizens’ lives through better infrastructure and services.

    In this edition of Sacyr iChallenges, four business challenges are posed: i) to automate site monitoring, ii) to anticipate the geotechnical behavior of terrain, iii) to measure and report the carbon footprint of Scope 3, and iv) Vision Zero for lane closures.

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