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angle-left Sacyr will build the los Arejos-Níjar (Almería)high speed railway section for 98 million euros
  • Sacyr will build the los Arejos-Níjar (Almería)high speed railway section for 98 million euros


    The section includes 10 viaducts, of which three are more than 900 meters in length.  

    Adif Alta Velocidad has awarded Sacyr Engineering and Infrastructures the construction of the Los Arejos - Níjar (Almería) section, within the Murcia - Almería High Speed Mediterranean Corridor. The contract has a value of 98 million euros and an execution period of 32 months.

    The 17.7-kilometer route has 9.2 km in double track (14 m platform) and another 8.5 km in single track (8.5 m platform).

    The main actions to be carried out in the section are:

    • 10 viaducts, of which three are of large dimensions (more than 900 m in length)
    • 5 overpasses on roads or paths
    • 11 underpasses
    • a protection wall.

    The project also includes earthworks (demolitions, clearings, embankments, prepared subgrades and sub-ballasts); the longitudinal and transversal drainage of the platform; and the replacement of electrical, telephony and easements services.

    Sacyr has extensive experience in high-speed railway works with 400 km already executed (40 km with the TBM tunneler and 35 km of conventional tunnel). It has participated in 42 projects with the commissioning of 739 km.

    On the Madrid-Barcelona-French border line (in sections Sants - La Sagrera, Torrassa - Sants, Sant Joan Despí - Sants, nudo of Castellbisbal, Massanes-Maçanet, Hospitalet - La Torrassa in Barcelona, sections Cornellá del Terri-Vilademuls and Borrassà - Figueres (Girona).

    In the connection of LAV Madrid-Castilla La Mancha - Comunidad Valenciana-Región de Murcia the sections: Alzira-Algemesí and Orihuela - Colada de la Buena Vida.

    It has also built the access entrance to Málaga of the high-speed railway line and has participated in the works of the tunnels of Guadarrama and the Abdalajís valley.

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