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angle-left Sacyr expands the surgical block and the oncology institure of the Gregorio Marañon Hospital (Madrid)
  • Sacyr expands the surgical block and the oncology institure of the Gregorio Marañon Hospital (Madrid)


    Sacyr Engineering and Infrastructures will build the new Surgical Block and the Oncology Institute of the Gregorio Marañón Hospital for a total amount of 34.4 million euros. 

    The renovation works of the Oncology Institute will include more than 15,000 square meters dedicated to oncological patient care, of which almost 2,000 will correspond to expansion works. The contract has a value of 18.2 million euros and an execution period of 18 months.

    With the new works, Sacyr will carry out a total renovation of the building that will enable adequate management of the functional areas and services. To this end, it will implement circulation cores to organize the transit of patients and professionals, create more areas with natural light and individual rooms and modify accessibility ramps. In addition, it will promote energy efficiency measures in the property.

    The works will expand the surface area of the Surgical Block by 14,000 m2 and will unify all the operating theaters of the hospital that will have a total of 30 operating rooms, which will allow managing the services of the center more efficiently. The construction budget for this project totals 16.2 million euros.

    The new surgical block will be attached to the hospital and will allow unifying post-surgical recovery areas and the support of these services, to improve the quality of patient care and optimize its operation. 

    Energy efficiency

    The surgical block will include the installation of photovoltaic solar energy production with a power of 46.8 kWp. It will consist of 156 photovoltaic panels designed to dissipate heat faster and in a fully compact manner.

    This installation will feed directly into the low voltage general panel in order to reduce the power consumption of the network. 

    Sacyr's experience in the construction, management and maintenance of hospitals guarantees the highest quality standards in its buildings, which are sustainable, efficient and accessible to users. Our excellence in this sector is evidenced by the more than 60 hospitals and health centers built or renovated in seven countries, with over 9,000 beds and an investment of 3.2 billion euros.