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angle-left Ártabro Tech wins the ninth edition of the Sacyr Awards for Innovation
  • Ártabro Tech wins the ninth edition of the Sacyr Awards for Innovation


    The Galician technology firm Arbatro wins the 9th edition of the Sacyr Awards for Innovation. The Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, and the Chairman of Sacyr, Manuel Manrique, presented the award to Alejandro Casteleiro, CEO, and Miguel Vidal, CTO of Ártabro Tech, during the gala held yesterday afternoon.  

    Ártabro Tech provides analysis and artificial intelligence services incorporating machine learning techniques to process data. Their winning proposal consists of the development of an advanced tool to detect business opportunities.  

    This was one of the four challenges launched in June by Sacyr to the innovation community within its Sacyr iChallenges program. This year, the initiative has received around 200 proposals to resolve the 4 challenges proposed by the company.   

    Sacyr’s Chairman, Manuel Manrique, indicated during the presentation of the awards that, “at Sacyr, we define innovation as talent, diversity and sustainability”.

    Three Finalists 

    The Galician firm beat out the other three finalists for the Awards, Zerintia, Kwido and Informática El Corte Inglés, which provided a response to the other challenges posed by Sacyr: Digitalization of workplace security; Social services and remote care; and Smart tolls.  
    The winning proposal 

    The proposal involves the development of a tool that detects business opportunities, and which operates in four phases:  

    - Identification of sources of information.

    - Processing and architecture of data to organize the content gathered.

    - Recommendation of business opportunities, based on business needs.

    - Creation of a control panel and user interface that includes filters and personalized alerts, based on the client’s needs. 
    The jury noted the transversality and potential impact of the proposal on Sacyr’s business, as well as the Ártabro Tech team’s willingness to work, hand in hand, to define the solution that best addresses the company’s needs. 

    The winner will receive €50,000 in financing to develop the pilot project, access to Sacyr’s network of professionals and clients and specialized support for the development, implementation and scaling of their proposal.   


    The finalists of this edition have been: 

    Zerintia: specialized in creating products and services for industry 4.0 and eHealth, based on new technologies, like augmented reality and IoT. 

    Kwido: specialized in the use of new technologies to take care of elderly people in services of remote assistance, residencies and day centers. 

    Informática de El Corte Inglés (IECISA): as the IT company of El Corte Inglés, it monitors companies in their digital transformation. It uses, among other things, flexible methodologies and digital and corporate platforms. 

    Sacyr iChallenges Program 

    Sacyr launched the second edition of its iChallenges program last June to collaborate with several innovative agents and resolve four business challenges. After the evaluation phase of all of the initiatives, 13 innovators from Sacyr iChallenges 2019 were considered to be most adapted to the challenges proposed.  
    On October 15, the company celebrated Sacyr Digital Day: at this event, 13 innovation agents from Sacyr iChallenges 2019 gathered and presented their proposals aimed at resolving the four challenges presented in this program. 
    After a new selection, the jury chose four proposals, which have been the finalists of the Sacyr Innovation Awards. 

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